Tempest temperature spike

Hello , if anyone has any input please let me know. Today I noticed my fairly new tempest that is about 25ft above ground on a tripod, spiking when the sun struck it head on for a couple hrs. My tempest inflated a good 4 to almost 6 degrees until the sun made it past the point where it was hitting and causing false warmer temperatures. I live in southern pennsylvania and I thought tempest was better protected in shielding such a spike, but apparently not. Once the direct sun moved on it returned to normal. My question is, should it have been effected my that many degrees? I can see maybe 2 or 3 degrees at the most. Just seems extreme to me that’s all. Thanks

Perhaps a little surprising this time of year in PA. I think there are threads about the temperature compensation algorithms WF uses based on your wind readings, if you search around a bit. I guess it’s possible your unit is so new that it’s just reporting un-tweaked data.

But yes, the Tempest seems to warm up slowly in the AM and cool down slowly in the late PM so there’s some thermal heating of the case effect many people have seen.

If your Tempest is 25’ above ground is is picking up reflected heat from a roof or other structure ?

thanks, no it shouldn’t be picking up any reflected heat it’s far enough away from that, also I had one before same location, and don’t recall that kind of separation, caused by a direct shot of the sun. Just seems to me too be somewhat over the top if tempest is supposed to protect from that big of increase in temperature due to full sun hitting for a small period of time. I thought my other tempest only went up slightly I don’t remember that big of separation with that particular tempest unit. Going to keep a watch to see if that is a regular occurrence or not.

Yes I have experienced issues believing the temperature readings from my Tempest. The shielding probably lets some heat in and depends on the wind and mounting situation. I find the discrepancy varies in different wind conditions. I dont know which thermometer is more accurate and I guess I find up to 2 degrees C difference at times. Experimenting with it has made me realise how even a Stevenson screen is not accurate. Weatherflow do compensate your reading but I guess it should be the same compensation for your old and new Tempest.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

tempest does correct for the sunlight hitting it (as measured by the brightness sensor) or for wind cooling it. But this correction is less than a degree.
If you are seeing higher temperatures when the sun starts shining it might be caused by your environment (air warming up from a roof for example), it which case it should display the higher temperature, because that is what it is supposed to do… tell you the temperature at the spot you are placing it.