Tempest Temp not showing in Status Bar after Android Update (2-29-23),

I did an Android update to my phone tonight. After all was done, it required me to log back into app. Despite having option turned on to show temperature in status bar, it is not working.
I have also tried to uninstall app and reinstall with the same results. Is this an issue with app or Android update?

Can you get a screenshot (capture) of your example to post here? There are several “Tech guru’s” who know Android better than me. . .who will be able to help you out. My Android was fine for the latest Tempest° app update for Android . . . v5.2.10(244) as of 02/13/2023.

Screenshot of Android Version I am running

Fairly similiar to my Pixel 6 Pro (About phone) …some of your dates in the modules are newer than mine. I can’t see anything that is “out-of-wack”, though. I’ll defer this to a guru who may see something I am missing.

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I’m on an S20+ so still on One UI 5.0 and a 4.x kernel version. Maybe try turning off the “Show Ongoing Notifications” and turning it on again. Maybe they are related some how.

@jstavrinaky, is this something that you can shed light on?

Thanks for all suggestions. I finally uninstalled, rebooted phone, then reinstalled. It is now working and I am getting to status bar notification!

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