Tempest swaying & Temp/hum sensor

Is this the temperature/humidity sensor inside of the shield? If the Tempest is swaying in high wind events, could water get inside of the temp/hum sensor?

The electronic components are sealed.

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In addition to what @GaryFunk, if it is anything like the first generation AIR device, there is a membrane over the opening to the humidity sensor to keep water from getting into it. There may be a possibility of water getting over the opening, in which case you should see the humidity hit 100% for a while until it dries out. I have been field testing the Tempest since November 2019 or so and I never saw the tempest have an issue with water intrusion.

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Thanks guys. I just wanted to be sure that it’s impossible for water to get inside of the temp/hum sensors.

I’ve learned the hard way to never use use the word impossible when talking about water getting into something. :roll_eyes:


Valid point. Probably should’ve said “most likely not.”

WeatherFlow is an experienced company with many years in the business. They understand what weather does to electronics. I really surprised you felt you had to ask the question.

I was just making sure. I do know that the Davis Instruments filter cap tears easily and water and critters can get inside of the temp/hum sensor. I can tell that if the unit isn’t swaying, it would be very hard for rain to get inside of the temp/hum sensor.

I’m not sure what swaying would change. Wouldn’t 20+mph winds be enough to blow rain into it?

Maybe some but not much I would think. I could be wrong though.

The Tempest replaces the Sky which did have water ingress issues when strong winds would push it sideways and allow rain to be blown and sucked past the seals either directly on the mount or into the solar power accessory. They tackled these water ingress issues in the design of Tempest which I have not seen yet.
This picture shows how water was sucked up and across the mount of my Sky which failed. IMG_2461
Tempest should be better. cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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