Tempest Survives Hurricane Laura

My Weatherflow TEMPEST survived Laura. 50 miles East of the eye. Gusts to 65 mph and 14” of rain. Never stopped recording.


didn’t you loose power like the rest of the stations, or do you have a good UPS?

Fortunately we only lost power for 15 minutes. Small bedroom community with buried utilities. And in a good grid. It seems the destruction was narrow and powerful. Maybe 30 miles outside the eye there was damage but not like Lake Charles.


Tough as a Davis but less expensive.

How much rain did a manual gauge near you register ?

Just about any weather station is going to be overwhelmed by that much rain…

Look up your location on https://www.cocorahs.org/Maps/ViewMap.aspx?state=usa and pick the date you want to see what manual observers reported !

The manual station’s registered 11-14”

Bill McDonald

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That’s about 10-13 inches too much for a couple days !!!

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Is your weather flow station public and if so what’s the url/id? Thanks I like looking up the data :slight_smile:


Bill McDonald