Tempest storm damage and potential unit failure

Tempest station 15912

Came home from a hospital stay (birth of my first son!) in the beginning of November to find that tropical storm Zeta had knocked my Tempest rig to the ground. The battery had drained to the point where the unit would not turn on. After multiple days of charging in direct sunlight, the Tempest unit’s LED would flash green initially before turning to a blinking red. A ten second button push would start as a green blinking light before turning to red after a couple of seconds. After a bunch of troubleshooting, including opening up the unit to look for physical damage to connections or wires, I couldn’t find any issues with the unit itself. Since then, I have been able to get the LED to show both blue and purple lights before either turning off completely or returning to the blinking red. The Hub shows a green LED and has had no issues.

This is a field test unit so I know I am out of warranty for replacement. That said, if there are any additional troubleshooting steps I can take to get my Tempest back up and running, I’d happily take a stab at them.


Hard to say, voltage at the moment it came ‘online’ for a very short time indicates 2.35V, which is just the cutoff moment. Maybe the solar panels (or the wiring) is broken, charging circuit ???
If it didn’t charge more after several days, it is something in that region according me.

Makes sense. I had long suspected problems with this unit charging during field testing, but it always kept juuuuust enough charge to keep chugging along. I’ll keep trying to get a charge to take. FWIW, making sure I have this right, the unit is switched on and it sitting in direct sunlight. Appreciate you taking a look!

perhaps find out which contacts at the bottom can be used for charging. If you don’t use a charging circuit, do not overcharge them. perhaps ask support for the specs (voltage, which pins to use).

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