Tempest stopped recording wind/barometric pressure readings

Do to my higher latitude and less available sunlight my Tempest battery is losing power from a lack of sustained sunlight. I have been in contact with support and this seems to be common occurrence with unfortunate locations of higher latitude owners of the Tempest. Weatherflow is sending a power booster accessory but claims there’s no guarantees. I have 2 other weather stations positioned on my roof, one a Rainwise sensor, the other a Davis. They both have been through a decade of long dark New England winters with never an on issue of losing power from their adequate solar panels. I’m not sure if Weatherflow has thought out the outcome of a low declination of the sun. Any thoughts?
By the way: Support at Weatherflow have been very diligent keeping the communication line open with my issue.

None that folks didn’t say last winter and since then…

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