Tempest station Hub hasn't published new data in a while. Reboot daily. RSSI

When I first set up my station in June it worked perfect for three weeks or so but then I started getting “Your Tempest station Hub named Still Water Lake Estates hasn’t published new data in a while…” a few times a week and now I get this error almost daily, even a few times a day some days. Sometimes it comes back up on its own but others times I have to reboot (unplug) the hub then plug it back in to get it back up.

Any idea why this is happening now? The location of my hub is in a outdoor shed that is getting a little warmer than it did in June? I have noticed is my RSSI vales that were in the 75-85 range when I first set up my station are now more in the 80-90 range even though I have not changed anything with my WiFi network.

Weather can affect radio signals, it is likely that this is what you are experiencing, especially given that the RSSI values were marginal to begin with. The link between the hub and Tempest sensor is better at long range than Wi-Fi, so you might want to relocate the hub for a better signal.

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