Tempest showing connected/updating on iPad, but not Web or iPhone

After a few months of uninterrupted use, this past weekend, something weird happened.

I have an iPad and also an iPhone with the Tempest app installed.
The iPad currently shows real-time updates from my Tempest, but iPhone shows data is as of 2 days ago, matching Tempest (tempestwx.com)

I’ve hard re-set, and recycled the Hub multiple times and the light stays blue.

Any ideas about why iPad shows correctly but others show the unit is disconnected?

perhaps your air batteries are empty?? But that shouldn’t effect your problem.

Yeah I agree… very odd indeed.

so, did you replace the battery?

Perhaps your iPad is BLE connected to the Hub (blue light on hub) receiving local updates but not sending data to WF servers. Re-connect the hub to wifi (green light on hub) and see if that fixes it.

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No, because my iPad shows that my Tempest unit as well as Air unit were all fully charged and updating as normal.

I ended up removing both Tempest and Air and added them back, and all is fine now… very odd!