Tempest Shipping Progress

When did u get your email saying u would receive your tempest

  1. looks like you’re about 900 behind me

Any news on Canada other than shipping surveys? Mid-June is quickly turning into Mid-July.

Just wondering since you released the backerkit survey for Australians and other international backers the other day, how long do you think it will take you to send it Melbourne, Australia (considering I selected option 3)? Coronavirus has unfortunately affected the mail service here badly. I’ve been waiting for a package from Canada that I was told it will arrive within a week but it’s now been 2 weeks. I’m eager to have a project to work on while I’m stuck at home and can’t travel more than 5kms!

Late August already. And no so called ‘mini updates’ on indiegogo.

No word from WF.

Think its not gonna be late August, maybe late September. :unamused:

FWIW, I received an email survey from BackerKit yesterday, for my USA-spec Pro kit that I backed last November. I don’t want to spoil the surprise (or disappointment), just giving a heads-up for anyone who backed the Pro kit to check their email spam folders if they did not receive the message yesterday…

@dsj @WFstaff - If there was an option like the first choice but included a donation to the WeatherMatch fund to show even more support, I for one would have chosen that option…

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Wat about any updates.

And also no mini updates.
Since the last update , nothing from WF.
And also no mini updates.

Does someone outside of US and Canada already have an mail notification?

No notifications in Adelaide Australia, I’m frustrated.

Thanks - that’s a great idea idea! !

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@93ben @poider1982 @ayjayess42
International (AU/NZ/EU/UK) backer surveys coming very, very soon. Likely first thing next week.

We appreciate your continued patience and support!


Thanks, I will keep a lookout for a shipping notice next week. :slight_smile:

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Great news! You might want to update the Indiegogo page, a lot of angry pandas overthere! :slight_smile:

I wish I could reply to their comments but unfortunately I’m not a backer there.

shipping is something else as having a survey, but it is a good indication than something is about to happen.

My order just got locked today. So yeah it’s probably getting close to getting shipped out. :slight_smile:


Great news! Will keep an eye on my mailbox! :partying_face:

Good to hear something is finally happening. Shame you choose to inform here and not those who have backed your project on Indiegogo - you’ve a way to go to repair damage done to your standing with International backers, who to date you have treated as second class citizens.


I don’t disagree with you but WeatherFlow treats all of us the same.

Hope you’re right Gary, as many of us have (from great distance) shown a lot of faith in the organisation, and to date, we’ve been left somewhat disappointed; hopefully once we finally receive our Tempests things will be a lot better; as you know, investing in a Tempest is more than just a single purchase - more an ongoing relationship - so hopefully this has just been a COVID-blip.

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