Tempest Shipping Progress

The issue isn’t the wait (for me) it’s the lack of updates. When a deadline isn’t met, it should be communicated. People aren’t going to love it being delayed but they’re sure going to be more understanding than radio silence.


I’m reading that some ordered from the WeatherFlow website and received their units while those that preordered on indigogo are still waiting on theirs. I would’ve figured they would be focused on fulfilling the indigogo orders first and then fulfill the website orders. My preorder won’t come until October (remote unit) but I’ve ordered two standard units on the WF website and will wait patiently for them. I know COVID-19 has wrecked havoc on the retail industry. But I do think WF should’ve waited to put their Tempest station on sale on the WF website until all indiegogo orders were completed.


Ive heard that too. Probadly cause their online is charging more than Kickstarter and Indiego. What happened to reduced pricing for 1st generation. Did i miss it. Are people telling the truth bout getting it sokner by ordering online.

Hi Guys,

I’m backer 3265 and placed my pledge via Indiegogo early February and from Australia.

Now I get the Covid thing would’ve crippled mostly supply chains, But can we please just have a firm date?

So far I think we’ve had 2 or 3 dates slide. and I get it. Stuff happens.

I’d rather you just say, sorry folks it looks like it’s not this side of Christmas, so I have the opportunity to consider alternatives. Instead, it just feels like your putting out comms for dates for the sake of it.
If there is doubt, don’t tell us.

Trust is a big part of any successful brand.
And so far my experience has been consistently missed shipping estimates.

Also frustrating to see users ordering as late as May receiving their Tempest.

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There is an update on the store page. I wonder if they still can’t ship overseas yet?


Orders placed after 6/17 expected to start shipping by 7/9/2020.
Orders placed before 6/17 expected to start shipping by 6/29.

Hopefully WF will be able to ship my two units this week. I’m really looking forward to having my hands on them.

Mine shipped yesterday from Daytona Beach! Happy to see them meet the 29th date

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Awesome! Still waiting on mine. But it should be shipped sometime this week.

Any :canada: with shipping confirmation? I guess we should get them all at the same time seeing as they’re being delivered in bulk.

One of my units have been shipped!

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My unit ordered May 16th has shipped! Exciting times!


All but a handful of CA backers of the standard Tempest System have completed shipping confirmation surveys and we are shipping soon. We’re very excited, thanks everyone for their patience and enthusiasm :canada: :canada: :canada:


Don’t forget to wish our friends to the north a Happy Canada Day, since it is July 1st after all!!!


They didn’t meet it for me!

Yes I’ve received my shipping confirmation info. Just waiting for shipment now :slight_smile:

Thank you !.. eh. :slight_smile:

Bonjour à tous,

A quand une date de livraison pour la France ? :clipperton_island: :clipperton_island:


Australia next?? It’s difficult to watch our Canadian and North American friends recieve their units even though they only ordered them recently.
It would be good if you could forfill orders chronologically. :slight_smile:

Just a heads up. I ordered mine on June 11, and it arrived on July 6. So far I am VERY happy with the device. Solid build quality and good app.


Hello. What was your order number. Ordered june 17th, order number 9044