Tempest Shipping Progress

You can take a wild guess who wrote that bit :upside_down_face:


The WF web site was showing a back order date of 6/9 and is now showing a 6/29 back order date. Did a shipment come in or was it delayed? Just curious, as I am waiting for mine.

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Same here. Maybe @dsj @WFstaff or someone else can give us an answer.

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same…ordered a few weeks ago expecting 6/9 ship. it’s not so much a delay that bothers me (I know things are crazy right now), it’s the radio silence, followed by delay, followed by radio silence. Makes you feel like they don’t really care.

Welcome to the community, Scott!
Sorry you feel that way, but that couldn’t be further from the truth as you may find out.

Estimated shipping date for customer pre-orders in our online store have been delayed until June 29th.

Apologies for any delays, our CS team has nearly doubled in size but we have been knocked on our heels by the magnitude of customer inquiries as we shipped out 3000+ Tempests, doubling our end-user network within a few weeks. Throw in a major app update, production limitations from COVID fallout, etc… no worries, we’re rising to the challenge :blush:
We’re always listening! We might take an little longer to reply this month but don’t worry, we’ll take care of our customers, we always do.


Thanks for the quick update, that’s very encouraging and I am looking forward to getting my Weatherflow. As a purchaser of many kickstarters and other new products I can tell you that the definitive difference between companies that people love and hate almost always comes down to two things: (1) quality of product, and (2) communication. If you say you’re going to ship something around 6/9, and then you miss that date (which as a company you will know well before 6/9), you should immediately communicate that with your customers. A quick bulk email explaining next steps is all it takes. Without that courtesy it implies that since you’ve already been paid we don’t matter any more. It also makes us think that the next estimated ship date will also be blown by without care or communication. You guys seems like a passionate and thoughtful company, so please keeps this in mind moving forward.


What constitutes a pre-order or was there a magic date that was ‘pre’, so we know what to expect ?

Is there a mapping of order numbers vs. dates so we don’t drive you guys crazy asking ?

Using the pre-order term loosely, any order placed in the store that hasn’t been fulfilled yet due to back-order of product.

We can probably pull that info out of the store, that could help.

I ordered 2 Tempests in early to mid May. Just can’t wait to get my hands on them. Lol

Not a big deal. I’m just recalling the original kickstarter when you provided info on ‘next up is orders NNNN-NNNN’ and that seemed to help a lot.

June 29th?

And European backers mid summer?
Thought the backers who purchased a tempest via Kickstarter or Indigogo were the first ones to get it?

And after that the ones who ordered via the website?


Agree. Many users do not read these forums. They see their 6/9 order still has not shipped, and get no response from support inquiry emails. That definitely is not good. Personally I contemplated canceling my order as I have heard nothing and was anticipating a 6/9 ship date…

Especially for new users to your products, definitely doesn’t leave a good taste in our mouths

I’m assuming if you ordered via the retail store it might be months before they get to our orders

I was thinking the same thing. Am a 1st generation sky/air - have 2 of them. Would like the tempest, but they keep moving shipping dates. Was gonna order for the June 9th - but thats been passed. Now its June 29th. Might not get till Christmas 2020. Dont know what to do

Well… tomorrow is mid-June and I don’t think we’re going to see any orders coming to Canada as previously mentioned. There are orders in the US which apparently need to go out first. Hope I’m wrong and look stupid by the end of the week.

So basically, those who ordered the Tempest station in May on the WF website will get their units in late June and in July?

Many of us who backed the Tempest on KickStarter last November are still waiting patiently for those shipments to arrive. Just saying…


I think we also need to acknowledge that WF were powerless to stop the global supply chain being interrupted by the COVID-crisis. That has undoubtedly had an impact on their ability to ship units…


i think everyone understands the impact of COVID on supply. it would be nice to know some general update like we expect to receive x units a week and there are x amount of outstanding orders. if they are willing to accept orders and people’s money via the web store i would expect an honest, hey it might be 6 months before we can fulfill the order.

it is a bit misleading when the web store states " THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY BACK-ORDERED

and there are Kickstarter orders that have not even been filled yet…


That is exactly what i said.
I thought that the one’s who backed the campaign were the first to receive the Tempest.