Tempest Sensors Failed

Hi Eric, could I get you to take a look at my device again? 39 days ago you were able to resurrect with firmware update and it hasn’t missed a beat until now.

It is offline so there isn’t much I can do, not even reboot. I had a look and compared to solar radiation it doesn’t charge enough.
If you can bring it down and open a ticket with support. I guess you need a new one.

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Thanks for looking into again. I’ve opened a support ticket. If the unit is replaced do I use the Replace Device option to keep my data?

Yes, that will keep the historical data linked.

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Why are there so many sensor fails with this latest batch going out?


Thanks @eric support have arranged to send a replacement device.

Question. My device is located in AU, I purchased US version via WF website and used a freight forwarder.

When I receive the replacement will there be any issues with paring? I noticed the other thread where you mention regional frequencies.

Any advice you have would be appreciated.

chances are big they will not pair as the radio frequencies are not the same. You’ll have to ask CS to change your hub frequency to match the Tempest. Using illegal radio devices in your country can be an expensive risk.

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Thanks Eric, I’ve dropped CS a follow up.

Looks like my replacement Tempest is out for delivery today. Better organise with trade to swap out existing device on my two storey house. Thanks for your assistance once again @eric