Tempest sensor went offline?

Hello, hope everyone had a great Christmas. I’m having some trouble with my Tempest since this morning, the sensor went offline all of the sudden which is strange because it has been up since I first installed it back in August. The hub is online, the sensor battery looks fine, and the connection between the hub and sensor is good. I moved the hub a bit closer, but the sensor still isn’t coming back online. I’m not sure what to do next, attached below are some pictures I thought would help elaborate a bit more. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

perhaps a dumb idea… but try flipping the switch on the sensor unit off and then back on.


Ok. Its on a pole do I’ll have to take it down. Hopefully that works

Wow that was easy lol. Thank you!!!

Good Old reliable “reboot”… always worth a try. :slight_smile:

While the reboot works, I’ve had to do this several times since June. For someone who wants to install the unit on my roof, having to do this makes this weather station somewhat worthless to me as climbing up on my roof several times a year is not something I want to do. It would be much better if rebooting the indoor sensor solved these problems. I seem to recall Weatherflow said they fixed this issue with a firmware upgrade. Sounds like they need another one.

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What is your Station ID, there is no link in your profile to it?

My Station ID is 20014 with a firmware version of 143

Looks like the hub was updated to v160 about a half-hour ago.