Tempest Replacement

I just got my replacement device and all is working well now. But I can’t seem to find my data from my other device. How do I view it or transfer it?


Submit a ticket and ask that your old data be linked.


Thanks, I’ll sent them a message.

If you would have used Replace Device it would have automatically been kept intact. Hopefully support can relink the old data.

I realized that after I did it, lol. Honestly the old data had bad barometric pressure readings. The reason for the replacement. The old data was only five days total. So it’s ok for me to start over if that’s the case. Thanks for the response.

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I was thinking the same thing. Just start over on the historical data. Although I really wanted the rain data as we have been have so much rain. Oh well.

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Yeah I’ve it was years of data I would want it, but five days of data, I wont miss at all.

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Well I’m day two into my replacement device and most of the sensors failed. I did all the resets and reboots under troubleshooting and fails to fully connect green. Flashing red light is all I get after troubleshooting. So I put in another ticket for another replacement.

Well that is a bummer!

Yeah I was really enjoying the real time accurate reading and haven’t even mailed the first one back yet. Now she decided to behave worse than the first one. Well hoping the third one is a charm is works whenever I eventually receive it. Hopefully by weeks end.

I agree bummer! I hope when my replacement unit arrives it works out better. Perhaps we got a bad batch?

I think so too. I mean one with a bad pressure sensor and now the replacement basically all the sensors failed. Hope I can get one that can last at least a month. None have lasted me event free for a week yet.