Tempest Relative Humidity max 90%

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I’ve had my Tempest now for a month + .5 (and loving it!). However, the humidity reading suddenly seemed to have capped at 90% on 8/17/20 for some reason. The siting hasn’t changed and is on a 20 ft pole out in an open garden area on our 10 acre property.
I use smartweatherudp to integrate to Home Assistant and see the same cap at 90% from the UDP data so I don’t think this is CL coming into play.
Is it possible the humidity sensor has an issue?


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I had the same thing happen with mine and contacted support. They reset the calibration, but then it happened again. This time they removed the calibration and set it so that it will not use the calibration anymore.

Thank you for the reply, Keenan. I’ll reach out to support and see if they can do the same for my device as well.

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I’ve also just noticed the same thing with my RH capping lower. First week of install it was 100% but for the last month it has capped at 94%. While my secondary sensor is still climbing to 99-100%.

So seems to be a calibration issue. Ticket opened for me as well!

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