Tempest Recording High Winds

However, only a slight breeze can be felt. I happened to be looking at the app when these winds suddenly popped up, so I stepped outside to check it out…but only a 3-5 mph breeze was present. The remnants of Hurricane Laura are passing by, which made me think at first that the readings could be legit…but even standing outside next to it when it was showing a 47mph, it was nearly still outside. Any ideas?

something in between the sensors? water droplets, spider?

Most likely this is a rain on plate issue. Any water puddled in the wind gap?

Just checked, definitely water droplets. Dew point is 74 with temps right at 75 so it’s collecting droplets.

Are there any mods to deter this?

There is a super hydrophobic coating in the wind gap to make the water bead so the wind can blow it off but it isn’t perfect. It is better than before they started coating it. It rarely happens to my stations anymore. If you can reach the station just blow it off otherwise wait for it to dry. Not ideal but not much more can be done.

Roger- thanks for the info. I’ll get up there and use compressed air to dry it off.

I have this all the time. They even replaced my Tempest and new one is doing it too. Every time there’s any wind along with rain (pretty much every time) the rain gets in the sensors and my wind reading goes nuts. A quick wipe with a paper towel and it’s back to normal but this is a 4-5x a week issue for me.

weird as many of us have rain and it happens but not that much. Can you share a few pictures of where you Tempest is located and what’s around …