Tempest rain totals are off to way off

Ok I’m at my wits end I have had the tempest for approx a month and a half, and the rain totals are very bad almost every time. For another great example we had 0.37 just 24hrs ago from my reliable gauges and tempest actually had a rare good reading and showed the correct number, then right after that the tropical storm started here in Pennsylvania and as I post the most current conditions the correct amount should be about 1.23” and tempest is showing 0.84 so you see my usual frustration. I can’t believe most people wouldn’t be having issues like this as well. I’m on the verge of returning this unit unless there is some way of convincing me tempest can keep up on a consistent basis not just once in a great while.

If you have a good co-located reference you might try reporting the results regularly. Here is the post with info to do so: SKY/Tempest vs. co-located rain gauge” reporting,

no, sorry, the tempest just isn’t very accurate with rain totals. It has other advatages like almost instant notifications when it starts raining, a lightning detector, and pretty amazing wind measurements. Also it integrates pretty nice with home automation.
It might get better over time, but don’t expect highly accurate rain totals.


My Tempest has consistently under reported rain totals by 15% to 40% since installing about a month ago. Compared reporting to my Davis 2 and other non-Tempest sites within a mile of my location. Raincheck does provide slightly more realistic totals.

I am having the same problem. My Tempest is under reporting very heavy rain. Even after a custom calibration, nothing has changed. I was told Tempest doesn’t handle extremes(very light or very heavy rain) well. It looks like it can’t be fixed.

Isn’t that a shame for all of us that took a chance on a promise of excellent performance all the way around.