Tempest Rain Inaccuracy (Not Birds)

I never submitted for calibration and there anrt a bunch of tempest near me

it is my understanding that you have to email and ask them to do it. At least that is what I did with my reports. I don’t think its an automatic calibration but just a record of your co-located sensor.

Although maybe a system where those co-located reports automatically are calibrated would be a great idea.

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Yes I often have that problem with heavier amounts but lately even lighter amounts fall behind. tempest use to jump out in front first ahead of my Davis and accurite but now it appears much slower to react. Also after coming down a couple of feet on my 5ft tripod and making everything nice and tight today I’m receiving a lot of false rain reports and it’s already measured 0.05 on a dry day. So you see I can’t win no matter what I do when it comes to all the rain head aches. It seems to be a losing battle.

Same here - measured rain amounts are consistently under reported. I also have a tipping bucket and tube gauge and both show readings within about 3-5% of each other and also with what the local NWS station (about 2.5 straight line miles from my location) reports. The amount of under reporting is as much as 50% at times. I am extremely unhappy with this piece of crap. As someone else mentioned it is only good for letting you know it is raining. I can inform myself of the fact just by looking out the window.

I have just the opposite issue, I have a Davis Vantage II and a US Coast Guard Station within a mile and they both are relatively close after a rain. The Tempest is generally 25% higher in a 1 in. rain. It is mounted on a galvanized pole attached to a fence post set in concrete and whenever the gate, which is about 8ft away, is opened or closed I get a “rain” notification! LOL… The temp unit reads around 4 degrees higher than my other station and it’s under a shelter. At one point this summer our heat index was 115 degrees and the “smart” weather station was reading 128 degrees heat index. I have determined that its not as reliable as I had hoped. My problem is I’m 71 and I can’t go up on the roof to clean the rain bucket on the Davis which is on a 25ft mast so I was really hoping that this would be more accurate but alas it was not to be! But the “lightening close by” seems to work well!

How do you turn off RainCheck? I looked all around, and click a lot of things, but couldn’t make it happen. What’s the drill?

Do this, settings, stations, click on your station name, manage devices, again click on station name, then click on advanced, there you will see rain check. Don’t forget to hit save after that.

Found it: Settings/Stations/Station Name/Manage Devices/Sky/Advanced/Rain Check - Off. Thanks! Hope this make a difference.

Thank your lucky stars that you have rain to measure! I have no way to tell if my Tempest is accurately measuring rain or not. Weather in Colorado can be different from house to house so rain check is useless. I get what I get when it rains and I am thankful for it.

During a recent hard rain my WF reported 6.2 inches of rain. That was the highest reported in the area, although a couple near by stations reported the high end of 5 inches. That included everything from light to extreme intensities. The extreme lasted about 20 minutes. So if it was off, I think it was off on the high side rather than low.

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Ok I spoke too soon, our rain total seems pretty far off from the nearby stations (most are within .25 - .5 miles).