Tempest Rain Inaccuracy (Not Birds)

I have seen a lot of threads discussing false rain readings on the Tempest due to things like vibration, wind or birds but I don’t seem to have any of that, yet my Tempest after a rain event reads about twice the amount as nearby stations or even my old fashioned rain gauge. During the almost 3 weeks since I have had the station installed, I have never had a false reading where it showed it was raining when it was not. Today, we had a gentle rain that lasted several hours. My gauge shows around 0.25" of rain yet my Tempest shows 0.65" of rain. The previous rain event was also exaggerated by 2X. That’s a huge discrepancy. My Tempest is located above the roof of our house with no nearby obstructions like trees.

Will this accuracy improve over time due to RainCheck corrections or will I always have to rely on RainCheck to tell me the following day how much rain actually fell?

Your mount also effects the sensitivity. Weatherflow can adjust your sensitivity to match your other gauges. If you fill in this form weatherflow can adjust the sensitivity to be more accurate. I fill it in regularly trying to help.

But it will not always match because there are so many variables that they are always trying to improve.
I have Skys which are similar but Tempest has an improved sensor mount. Sometimes I think my Sky is amazingly accurate then the next rain event it might be 50% different so I never rely on it when discussing how much rain I have had.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll do that and see if it improves. FYI… RainCheck updated my amount to 0.29" which is now more or less what my rain gauge says.

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