Tempest Rachio Integration

Decided to take the leap of faith and back the Tempest on Indiegogo. One of the bigger reasons was the apparent ability to integrate with Rachio. Curious if there are any details about how this might work?
Api, app integration, etc.
If it’s too early to know that’s fine.

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It will require either a third party application or for Rachio to integrate the UDP packets.

If you can set up a Raspberry Pi then there are several of us that can help you with integration.

Hmm, I wonder why they mentioned it in the campaign if they were not going to make it work out of the box so to speak.
And yea, I have deep technical skills to but just now getting into home automation so help would be great or links etc.

IFTTT has a WeatherFlow applet that connects with Rachio, but I have not verified it works.

I use other IFTTT applets (temperature alerts) with my WeatherFlow stations and they work great.

More IFTTT with WeatherFlow:

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Ah nice. Didn’t even think to look there, and that’s exactly what i need, nothing too fancy.

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You can also connect your station to Weather Underground, then link your Rachio to the PWS in WU.

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It can be done, exactly how @pswired described. Our Rachio V3 is using our Tempest as the source for its weather data, which is exactly what we wanted it to do.

Guessing I need the v3 as my v2 is not letting me pick it.

@MiamiWX, do you know if the R3e the same as the version 3 when it comes to compatibility with the Tempest? Hey, looking to save money where I can. Thanks!

I honestly don’t know, but I found this post for you which may help you to decide…

The link for the whole conversation is here: https://community.rachio.com/t/rachio-3-vs-3e-comparison/22601/3