Tempest/Rachio integration and Older Gear

I saw the notice about Tempest weather stations integrating with Rachio sprinkler controllers. I have an original (pre-Tempest) Weatherflow weather station and what I think is a second edition Rachio sprinkler controller. Both are working perfectly so I’m not in the market for a major upgrade. But is it likely this integration will ever filter down from the brand new stuff to the stuff that’s been around a while?


I’m afraid not. Rachio build the integration for the Tempest and not Air/Sky combination if you want to go direct. It is still possible to work via 3d party options like Weather Underground with Rachio’s Weather sense or IFTTT triggers.

@rjfox fwiw, I am using it with my Weatherflow Air/Sky and Rachio1. It seems to be working.

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I see this is your first post here. I’m honored. :blush:

Can you point me in the direction of any insight on how I could set this up?

I asked Rachio support and they gave me instructions and a code.

ps: You will need to have your Weatherflow station setup in the Tempest app on your phone (I use an iPhone, I do not know if the linking works on Android or not)

Thank you so much. Fingers crossed.

I did similar and contacted Weatherflow and they provided me a code. It worked perfect on my Android phone.

I have an air/sky and a first gen Rachio controller. I was able to connect the air/sky and Rachio with no problem. My controller is pointed to my weather station and the Rachio shows my weather station data as well.

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