Tempest public web link - switch to °C from °F and vice versa

Is it possible to put an element to switch °C from °F and vice versa on the Tempest (WeatherFlow) public station website (Tempest…)?

It’s annoying to keep recalculating it somewhere on the side :frowning:

Btw. I thought US federal agencies as well as e.g. the military and NASA largely use metric units and °C, especially in meteorology.

Not only NASA or US federal agencies use °C, the rest of the world does it to (99% of all countries use °C). If they can measure bullets in mm in the USA, why can’t they switch to °C.


I totally agree.

As a user of the map interface for example, I should be able to set the unit to display each element (Temperature, Pressure, Wind speed, etc.), regardless of the source unit.

It is just math…

for sure people using the map want to see the data in their own preferred units, not in the system’s owner preference.




and there is one country that crashed a satellite on Mars, because some company from that same country didn’t use the metric system.


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