Tempest Problems Going Offline

Tempest Device ID: 79559

My tempest has gone offline twice in the past few days requiring me to take it down to access the power switch. Today, after it went offline, I removed it but it would not connect with the hub. After a couple of attempts, the status light on the Tempest Device went from flashing green to a steady red. I turned it off and set it aside while I looked at the support site.

The support site guidance tells me to press the reset button next to the power switch. My Tempest device does not appear to have a reset button next to the power switch.

Next, I pressed the reset button on the hub. When the light turned green, I reconnected the hub to my 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Then, I turned the Tempest Device on and it successfully connected to the hub.

The device went online at 14:33:50 CDT
Last observation was at 14:53:47 CDT
The Device went offline at 16:00:32 CDT (The third time it has gone offline.)
Current time: 16:08 CDT

Battery Voltage: 2.33
RSSI: -64
It is a hot, bright and clear day here in the Oklahoma City area.

Can anyone tell me why the device battery voltage is so low and why my device keeps going offline?

Thanks much,


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