Tempest Power Charge

Just pulled the Tempest out of the box and followed setup directions. The software can’t find the device and prompts me for 4 AA batteries.

A couple of questions?

  1. Am I correct to say the unit does not require any Batteries but rather has an on board rechargable battery?
  2. The documentation states that the battery should be fully charged right out of the box— When I look at the LED it does not light up to indicate a charge.
  3. Has anyone else received the unit without a charge?

Thanks in advance

The battery is embedded in the Tempest and it charges via the solar panels when the switch is in the ON position only. If the LED doesn’t light and pressing and holding it in for 10 seconds or so doesn’t get it fast blinking green it is possible the battery is dead. Make sure the switch is in the ON position and set it outside where it can get some direct sun. It should charge up and then you can try pairing it with the hub.

Thanks for the response. I’ll be giving it some “charge” time today and hoping its not faulty right out of the box. :neutral_face:

Hope not. At least WeatherFlow CS is one of the best.

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Thus far CS has been responsive and I do have a dialogue with them— so far I am impressed with thier responsiveness :pensive:
. More to come— I’ll let everyone know. :pensive:


Customer Support has been very responsive and a replacement Tempest is on its way. The company has been pretty good and customer oriented. :smile:


In the event anyone is wondering. I couldn’t be more impressed with this company and their quick response. Bottom line I had an issue with my device and the company stepped up to the plate and made it right— what a breath of fresh air in these times we live in.

Thanks for sending me a replacement in exceptional time… my station is now working and I couldn’t be happier.

Highly recommend this company…