Tempest on Android watch

Would love to see the Tempest data show on an Android watch. Show us android watch users the same love as the Apple watch.


I hate to say it but Apple apps are easier to code than Android.


Let’s see what kind of software engineers Weatherflow has then. My son in law writes code for a living and does it for Android, Apple, X-box, and Nintendo. Surely Weatherflow engineers are smart enough to handle this.

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I fail to see what that has to do with a WearOS version of the Tempest app. Who cares which is easier or harder to code for? It is easier to not do a lot of things but people still do them because of the benefits they provide.


Looking for a WearOS app Tempest viewer for my new Pixel7 Pro watch. I am happy to try out dev/beta software if that kind of assistance would help.