Tempest Offline

Day 3 of the tempest offline. 3 different requests for support with no response. Is there any other way to get them to respond. This is the 2nd week in a row for this to happen I believe that I have a faulty unit and I would like to exchange it for a NEW unit.

The best way to get them to respond is to be respectful and patient. There are a lot of new customers requiring input from support at the moment, and I am sure they are working through all the requests as quick as they can. WeatherFlow customer support is second to none (just ask anyone on this forum), and I am sure they will help you out as soon as they can.

3 days of being patient is enough. If they don’t have enough staffing then that’s there problem to resolve. There are a lot of people unemployed.hire someone.

Yes, they are hiring more support staff, however this takes time and some training is required before these new staff members are up and running at full capacity. As I said, keep your patience, support will get back to you, and they will solve your problems or send you replacement hardware as required.

Hiring is one thing, training is another … you hire people not robots. Several are in training and will become actif to help soon.

In your case your Tempest is offline for the very simple reason it is depleted. A quick look at your station shows indeed that it doesn’t charge normally.
You did the right thing by opening a support ticket but again they work as fast as they can right now.
You might help them by adding this post with my findings. They will most probably send you a new Tempest.