Tempest not getting Wind data well

I have a Tempest mounted at least 20 feet up on a pole, and its not getting Wind data at all compared to nearby stations. Something wrong with my placement, or something wrong with the Tempest?

Here is a picture of my install

The reason I suspect there could be something wrong with it, is that it almost blew over my fence when the storm came in. If the wind was that strong on the ground, surely it would have hit the tempest?

I’m wondering if I should take it off the pole and just mount it off the edge of the garage

It hit us on the 13th at night, here are links to the 13th and 14th from my station, and a nearby



And someone else



On the 14th they saw 54mph wind! I only saw 16mph…

What do you guys think could be the issue?

Perhaps a row of trees to the north (based on position of your solar panels facing south). . .might be serving as “wind block?” Would it be possible to relocate Tempest to the south of the pool area. . .to get it further away from the “wind block” trees?

If that doesn’t work. . .it may be an issue with the Sonic Transducers which might warrant opening a ticket with WF Support.

That was my thinking too, there is trees all around so I can’t really move it away from trees

But then what makes no sense is that my fence almost blew down. There was 100% more wind up there than on the ground, and it was VERY windy on the ground

I’ll open a ticket with support and see if they can notice anything

Had a look at your data (not like support does but in more detail you have) and there is something weird. Did you have a look recently in the gap of the Tempest, not a mega spider that made a super net ?? :upside_down_face:

Moving it to the house or garage will most probably not change much. Wind can be tricky but your neighbours do see more wind and they are not that far away explaining the difference.
Let’s wait for support to come back but you could already have a look in the wind gap (most probably they will ask you to do so)