Tempest mounting pole struck by lightning?

Alright, theres going to be a few questions in here, hoping some of you may help me answer them.

Around 4:30PM 7/6/20, lightning hit while I was in my house. I dont know where, but judging by the fact that my house shook and the power went out, it couldnt be good. After the storm passed, I went out to survey. I saw no signs of lightning striking my house, near my house, nor my mounting pole. The ground had no scorch or burn marks, and as far as I could tell, the house was fine too.

Unfortunately, my xbox, spectrum tv receiver, and my Tempest seem to all be dead.

  1. Since my Tempest seems to be dead, could the pole have been hit by lightning?

  2. If it was, why does the Tempest look fine.

  3. The pole was grounded, but I expected some sort of marks on the ground directly next to the grounding rod, will there be no marks if it was grounded properly?

  4. Is there a way to tell if the pole got hit?

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lightning can induce damage even without hitting an electric device. But make sure it isn’t your hub that is broken, seems more likely as it is connected to the main power and there probably was at least some spike on the mains.
If the pole got a good hit. the ground around it will show clear marks… I think.

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I kind of doubt that the Tempest got hit and would suspect that the hub may have got taken out by the surge. Is anything even showing power to them? I guess I’d go 1 item at a time,starting with your router, then try bluetooth to the hub if it shows power then try getting your Tempest to respond. Have you removed it yet to try turning it off and on to see if it has power?
Man, I feel for you. :scream:
You may want to try resetting by the toothpick in the tiny hole method if any of your things have them if normal methods fail to show power. Definitely verify the outlets you are using are ok. I speak from experience on wasting a bunch of time trying to fix an item and finding out the outlet was bad and not the device.

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Hard to say right now what got hit. The hubs LED indicator works, but that doesnt really mean anything. Its still raining, so I havent been able to take the tempest down yet, will do that tomorrow after work. And as far as my xbox at least, moving it to different plugs yields no power to it :frowning:

Isn’t the new xbox about to arrive? This isn’t about sneaking one by the wife is it?
:wink: Sorry but couldn’t resist kidding you.
I once explained some new B&W speakers by telling my wife they were only $999. I knew that,that would blow her mind but she could live with it. Until she found a traitor receipt showing $2000 and didn’t like my explanation that all high end speakers were sold individually and that I innocently thought everyone knew that. I still hear about that after about 20 years.


Haha! I wish it was like that. I did see it was coming out holiday this year, but thats still a ways away. Cant believe you got away with that all to be ruined by a receipt! :rofl:

What is status of the LED and what is your station id?

Solid green, I tried to re-add the station, it said it was successful but no data is streaming

What is the new station id?

your hub seems fine

maybe the flash just killed the radio link. Maybe try to repair it once you can in a safely manner.

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After taking it down, it did not get a direct hit by lightning, but it does seem to be dead. I took the 4 screws out of the bottom, and was greeted with the battery and a board. I didnt immediately see any damage to the board. What steps should I take to go further?

oups, didn’t mean to open the Tempest, just reset the tempest by a long push on the led and then add it again to the hub (if the led comes on … as it should normally)

@theluckycosmos I think @eric meant re-pair it rather than to play doctor on it. Isn’t the English language fun. LOL


Didnt know LED was a button! But yeah after pressing it and holding, nothing. The LED doesnt even turn on, nothing.

well you learned something :slight_smile:

Open a ticket with support and mention this thread, they will take it from here. Be a bit patient, they are still struggling hard to come afloat :slight_smile:

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