Tempest lost connection? (Solved with reset)

I’ve had my Tempest for a week or so. I twas mounted on a mast in the backyard and working just fine until last night when I received an offline notification. Light on the hub was blue. Rebooted the hub and light turned green. Hub showed online in the app, but sensor remained offline. Moved hub closer (within 50 feet) and still no connection.

This afternoon, I pulled the sensor down off the mast and tried to restart it and got a brief flashing green followed by a steady purple, then nothing.

Deleted everything and started from scratch. Hub goes online just find but cannot find any devices. They are sitting right next to each other.

It would appear that the radio in the sensor has gone belly up. Opened a ticket with support and have yet to hear anything back. Really disappointed this thing seems to have only lasted a week in mild weather.

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Hello drksky1056

Don’t worry, somehow this will be fixed. I have a feeling your Tempest did a little youth crisis and needs to be repaired to the hub as it is nowhere to be seen.

Let’s try to reset it completely and not just reboot. To do this just push the led and keep it in till the led flashes (+/- 10 seconds) , release it. Then go in your app / stations

from here 2 options possible

your tempest is still there and you go in manage devices/advanced and go via replace device to add the tempest again and you will find your old data again

or there is no more tempest and you use the + and follow the routine to add your tempest as a new device again

Let us already know if you can manage the Tempest to be recognised again.


Yeah, that appears to have worked. I really hope I’m not going to have to reset this thing on a regular basis. That’s really inconvenient for a sensor that’s mounted 20 feet in the air.


I’m not going to promise never ever … but during testing we saw this happen in some cases and mostly once reset it never happened again.

Happy that it is solved for now. If it ever happens again, please do bring it up and Weatherflow will solve it and sorry it happened.


Is anyone else having this issue? I’ve had my Tempest up for about a week. At night the RH has been excessively higher then other monitoring devices on the property. Then last night, got notification it disconnected. I restarted the hub, and no change. The tempest is now 20 feet in the air, I hope I don’t have to take it down. Anyone have any thoughts?

Hello bad_mav_302

I think you have the same issue drksky1506 had. I can’t see more because you didn’t share you station ID

I you do I can have a closer look and advice.

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Hi, after 13days and 6 hrs online, I received an email that my station was offline. I power cycled both the outside tempest and the inside hub next to our wifi hub (both approx. 20 ft from the station in the corner of our house). I cannot get the station back online. Any advice?

Welcome to the community drmoses99

Can you try what I described in post two of this topic. Most probably the same problem will be solved the same way.

Let me know if it worked.

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Hi Eric,

Yes, that worked! I had to wait a few minutes and then it reconnected. Thank you again.


I’m having the same problem. Tempest up for about a week, then last night got an offline message and it’s been offline ever since.

Station ID 18483
Last recorded RSSI -51
Last recorded Battery Voltage 2.54

As per the instructions above, I took a pin and held the button above the LED light on the hub, the Green light flashes a couple times, then back to blue. App says Hub is online, but the sensor still offline. My sensor is still on the device list, but when trying to replace device, it cannot locate device (Hub is plugged in less then 25’ from device).

You have done a reset of the hub, can’t harm but in many cases it isn’t the hub. Mostly the Tempest is not communicating with the hub.

Follow post 2 regarding resetting the Tempest. At present I see hub offline.

I’m getting TONS of dropouts with the station being only 230ft away. I have reset the units (both) and it might run OK for a few days, and then it will just go belly up on connections. The thing that concerns me most is that at 230ft away, the station averages a -90 RSSI signal rate (with hub line of sight to it). I had to move the station to a less desirable location just to keep it with a steady connection. Now with the station at about 88ft away (line of sight to the base) I’m still only getting -85 RSSI. Seems very low - that’s a borderline functional signal strength. Support is being helpful, but I am at my wits end with this device…

I see indeed quite some dropouts which is pretty weird as the Tempest can backfill if there is a small drop out

Did you already try a radio reset of the hub ?

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Yes, I have reset hub, and done even more invasive disconnections and reconnections. These RSSI numbers are very low. Even the base has -54, 20 ft from wireless router.

____________________________________J O H N F I S C H E T T I

May be a defective unit.

Just had a chat with technicians and we do see the drop outs but can’t determine if the hub or Tempest has a problem. Can you please issue a ticket with support mentioning this thread.
Sorry this is happening but from here we can’t do much. Hope you’ll be quickly helped (support is a bit overwhelmed these days)

Yes, it dropped offline last night…
1- I need to get the hub back online… how can I do that?

2- Your post 2 instructions- holding the LED reset button is on the sensor itself, or the hub? Last night I was doing it all on the hub.

I’ve had a ticket opened since the 3rd day I owned the device. Tim Nicholas has been helping me. I was on the message boards to see if others were having the same issue. Seems like there is a radio issue with a few of the units - unfortunately mine is one of them… Waiting for Tim to get back to me.

Regarding the hub, question is … is it’s led green, red or blue ??
Depending colour you can already try to find what happens.

If green = hub is ok and talks to Weatherflow servers
if red : not connected and you need to check Bluetooth and wifi network (is it on your wifi network for ex)
If blue: this means some device with the app is connected to your hub

Depending on your situation (maybe the reset) you have to set up your hub again via the hub etc …

For point 2 I mean the Tempest


I pinged Tim and William at support. Hopefully they can link all together between here and the ticket.