Tempest locked up

I got my Tempest two days ago, and set it up immediately. I’ve loved it. BUT, the device locked up today. I happened to notice there were no observations for 30 minutes when I went to check the temperature. I unplugged the hub to reset it, but that didn’t fix it. It’s light was blinking between green and blue. I should have screenshotted the status screen but didn’t. I do know that it said the status was Online, but Uptime was only 0d 0h 0m 1s which was weird. Signal Strength was -19. So I went outside, brought a giant ladder with me, and switched the device off, waited 10 seconds, and back on, and that fixed the problem. (Firmware version 129.)

So my question is - for anyone with a Tempest, that doesn’t happen regularly, does it? Has this happened to anyone else? I’ll be monitoring it closely over the next days and weeks to see if it happens again, but I was wondering if anyone else has seen similar behavior?

Also, if there any other way to attempt to reboot the device instead of dragging out the big ladder?

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This happened to me today too. I have had it online for about 3.5 weeks without any problems. Then about 7 hours ago it showed offline. I unplugged the hub and plugged it back in but it still shows offline. I am about to go up on the roof and turn the Tempest off and on and see if that fixes the problem. I will let you know.

Turning the Tempest off and on did not fix the problem. I had to hold the reset button (light) down until the light started flashing green and then it reconnected after I tried to add it as a device again. Hopefully a firmware update will fix this problem. I have noticed a number of other people having similar problems.

I concur with your above statement. During the “Tempest Field Test”…what you described above was a common annoyance / irritant. Luckily for my Tempest Field Test unit. . .I did not have that problem. However. . . every now and again. . .the green LED on the Hub will go from green to red. . .and last anywhere from just a fraction of a second. . .to as much as 2 minutes. . .which results in a data dropout for the time that the Hub was offline. The Tempest Field Test unit I have has pretty much behaved itself for the past several months. I have a “Tempest° WeatherSystem” on order. . .but it won’t arrive till at least the end of the month due to stock being on backorder. When the new Tempest° arrives. . .I will observe its behavior for any anomolies that you decribed above.

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As long the Tempest can communicate with the Hub, Weatherflow can issue a reboot command … but it has to be connected …

And it shouldn’t happen but we saw some cases where we saw a Tempest lock for an unknown reason. Mostly it happened once and from there on … mine did during testing once in the early days and is running for months now true (lost the count) all upgrades.

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Zero problems with mine thus far in initial 2 weeks.

Thanks for the reports, folks. We’ve identified the cause of this relatively rare issue and are testing a fix that will go out in the next firmware update.


I had this same issue. Installed the afternoon of Friday 6/5. During the early morning hours of Tuesday 6/9, the Tempest stopped reporting and had a status of offline (hub was still online). Finally had a chance to get back on the roof this afternoon, reset the tempest and then went into the app and replaced the device. This seems to have corrected the issue. Fingers crossed!

Yes, this is a work-around that will correct the issue, at least temporarily. Clearly that is not the intended behavior, and the upcoming firmware release should correct it.


Will the upcoming firmware update be only for new Tempests currently being sent out now. . .or will that also include Field Test units as well?


I would hope that maybe the Field Test units would get it a bit before the others as another filter for update issues or issues in the firmware.


Yes, this update applies to the Hub so all users will get it, starting with our beta testers (which includes Tempest Field Testers and others).


I had this problem as well, with some of the individual sensors not reporting, but others that did. I ended up having to cycle power on the outdoor tempest unit with the switch on the bottom. I hope this is resolved in a firmware update as the unit is not really all that easy to get to.