Tempest location : 10 meters above ground?

My station should be arriving today, it will replace my ageing Davis Station. Reading here and the attached document and it talks about “different” mounting heights for the “different” collecting sensors. Since this is an all in one unit, is 10 meters above the ground going to be ideal for this unit?

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All depends what is around it and what is most important to you.
Better have it 10 meters hight and have open sky and wind than near a house.
According weather siting rules temperature should be lower but since the Tempest will take several parameters to compensate … just be careful for vibrations that could creep up the pole.

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Optimize to what matters the most to you. If you care most about wind, go high. If you care most about temperature and humidity, go low in the middle of a clear grassy area. There’s no wrong answer.


I plan on replacing my Davis station with the Tempest and it is on a 8 ft pole attached to the gable of my house, its a single story house so roughly 16’ to the peek, then another 8 ft above that. Is the plan, nothing within 100 ft distance to that height close by. Some trees in the area, but like I said nothing within a 100 ft or more to where the station is to be mounted.

If you have been happy with the data from that location then put the Tempest in the same location. You can always move it later.

Just replace my Davis with the Tempest, setup was quick and simple, Could not be happier with it!


Subject: Wind gradient and height of Tempest
The wind speed is most important to me so I installed my Sky 12m above ground on top of my house. But the surrounding houses slow the wind causing a large wind gradient. Here are comparisons of 3 Skys during the same reasonably constant wind. What I see very clearly is the difference in the average and maximum speeds at the different heights. This first Sky is located about 1m (3ft) above ground in a tiny clearing to measure rainfall surrounded by trees. (Its direction is not facing North, thats another story if you need to know why)

This next Sky is mounted in a tree which seems to be a very solid mount with the wind coming from the direction this photo is looking towards. Its height above ground is effectively reduced by the flatish house up wind.

This Sky is high above the house about 12m above ground:

And as you can see I am also on top of a rounded hill which effectively increases the height and compresses the wind gradient. When I say ‘compresses the wind gradient’ I mean that the wind flowing over a rounded hill will have a compression layer where the wind can be stronger than the wind near the ground and stronger than the higher wind above which is not being compressed.
For more info see this solved topic:

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