Tempest just 23hrs old but?

My wind speed says 2 miles an hr as i watch trees a blowing allot faster. My install is totally unrestricted. A little concerned but its early. Any thoughts??

Do you have a picture you can post? Also, what is your Station ID or link to it?

Where do you find my Station ID

rather easy :slight_smile:

See here how to obtain it

My Station number is 00009366

This my mount

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That looks like a device serial number. Scroll to the bottom of the Tempest screen and tap the share icon. That is another way to get it.

Or in the Station status screen.

My Station number is 28519

Perfect so the web address to your station is https://tempestwx.com/station/28519. You might consider putting it in your profile on this forum.

I don’t see anything unusual and I do see there were times in the past 24 hours where wind was zero for a while. Remember that even a short puff of wind during the sampling every three seconds will get measured. Watch it a while. If you still feel acting up you could put it in a closed box as a test to see if it still detects wind.

FWIW, here is the one I have on my RV.

Depending on the site I’m camping in, I sometimes don’t extend the pole all the way up.

What is your pole made out of

I figured it out. I didnt think it was capturing the gusts until i opened up the graph. The number i kept looking at was the average. The graph showed. me it is registering the gusts. All good and thanks for your help.

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It is a telescoping fiberglass flag pole.

I took the top two sections out because they were too small and then just wrapped some tape around the top and attached the mount. I do have to make sure the base doesn’t flop in the mount otherwise I get false rain.