Tempest is showing offline, even though WIFI is connected

IOS 13.5, I have tried mulitple times to set up my Tempest and hub, I can connect via bluetooth from my phone, but no matter what I do I cannot get it show online. I can see from the wireless DHCP that it sees the hub and shows it as "WeatherFlow’ and has an IP assigned, but it always shows offline. And I keep getting the message “YourStation has never reported over the network. Check your station’s WIFI setup”
I have tried different ssids with no luck and I have verified that is using 2.4 NOT 5.
Any suggestions how to trouble shoot this.
Device ST-00005963, Device ID 68573
StationID 20345
SN HB-00020285

I had this same issue setting it up on our company network. We have a very restrictive firewall and I had to basically assign a reserved IP for the hub. Then I set an allow all for outgoing traffic on that IP and in about 5 seconds my light turned from red to green and came online. I haven’t monitored the traffic to figure out exactly what ports it needs outgoing access to in order to communicate.

Welcome to the Weatherflow community cdkim,

I saw you were able at some point to configure hub and tempest as they show created but offline.

Normally powering the hub, wait till the led is green (means it can communicate with the servers) and then just powering up the Tempest and it should work now. Maybe the Tempest was a bit far from hub ???

I got it up, I had to open ports
UDP 50222
TCP 49209
TCP 1883
to destination 54.456.255.179
Figured it out with wireshark
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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Glad you’re up and running

regarding opening ports, not sure the IP can’t change as it is cloud based and they might switch … but time will tell :slight_smile:

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Can you give me the IP range?

IP range won’t solve it as it is hosted partly with Amazon so the range can be … large

instead here are the 3 url’s you need to whitelist



What is port 49209 used for? I don’t want to poke a hole in my firewall without knowing what I’m poking a hole for.


Just to followup on my question, port 49209 doesn’t appear to be important. I did not poke an outbound hole for it and connectivity seems to be fine with only ports 80/443/1883 allowed outbound.