Tempest° iOS 17 Lock Screen Standby Mode Widget

With the arrival of iOS 17 for the iPhone it would be terrific to have a Tempest° widget that can be used with the Lock Screen Standby Mode. This would essentially provide a dedicated local display of you Tempest° data without having to configure a cluge of hardware and software to acquire the same. When I first became aware of the Lock Screen Standby mode widget capability, I immediately thought of the Tempest° station and what a great opportunity that would provide to greatly enhance the user experience.

There is a small change to add support for this that I added. I am currently testing it, but it seems to work fine. The standby mode only supports the “small” widget family which is the square widget that we currently have. In the future I will look into adding an additional layout, but for now it will just be the current one.

Not sure of the timeline of when I can get this pushed out, there is some other issues with building the app using the iOS 17 sdk that I have to fix, but they are pretty minimal.