Tempest interference with zwave?

Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone who runs zwave in their home have noticed any odd behaviour of zwave devices since getting the tempest? I ask because the tempest (in the uk at least) works on 868Mhz which is the same frequency as zwave. Thankfully I only have 4 zwave devices but one of them, a smart plug has started “acting up” since I got my tempest.


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Here in the states I haven’t seen any interference with my Z-Wave network. I have about 30 Z-Wave devices on my Hubitat and the Tempest receiver on a shelf near 3 switches that are Z-Wave. Everything is working well. In the U.S. the frequencies are : 908.40 MHz, 916.00 MHz

Does your Z-Wave hub support any details of the Z-Wave mesh, RSSI and mapping?

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initial thoughts are no I don’t have the RSSI available… I think US zwave is 908 also so chances are your tempest and zwave are on the same frequency. As well as the smart socket I have 3 zwave pir sensors, one of the sensors is closer to the tempest than the smart socket but fingers crossed thus far the pir sensors seems to be unaffected… I’m guessing the smart switch is just less tolerant of any interference

Z-Wave in North America (and the rest of ITU Region 2) operates at 908.42 MHz. WF uses the ISM band’s wireless sensor network frequency at 915 MHz in North America. I have not observed any strange behavior, including the few weeks when I was hammering Z-Wave trying to cause a buffer overflow in a device that I was testing.

If the European Z-Wave and WF system are both on 868 MHz, then there is a slight chance of intermittent interference. WF transmits short rapid_wind packets every 3 seconds with full batteries, and everything else in one packet per minute. Unless you are doing a lot of Z-Wave polling for energy use stats or the like, your Z-Wave mesh should be transmitting even less frequently than the WF. Neither of them transmit full-time to hog the frequency, and should be tolerant of other devices on the shared band/frequency…

I use zwave in Europe in my house for bulbs, relais, heating … never saw any interference with 4 hubs and some more devices talking to them. Even a switch at less then 1 meter from the 4 hubs is acting perfectly normal.

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I am running several different networks on 868 Mhz (LoRa, zWave, Homematic, now tempest) and even with Hubs or devices close together I have never seen any interferences.
But I could imagine that (cheap) remote controlled switches using very simple protocols could get irritated, similar as happens a lot with 433 Mhz devices, as this is a very crowded frequency in the meantime.

well yesterday I finally moved my tempest to the apex of my roof the final place in which it will live… and surprise surprise the zwave smart socket has worked since yesterday never missing a beat

I suspect the outside wall of the house and the tempests elevation is sheilding the smart socket from most of the tempest’s signal and it seems happy now