Tempest hub does not auto connect back to Wifi. Normal?

So as you might expect from power flickers, Comcast flickers, etc… the hub loses connection but then my hub does not auto connect after. Normal? I have to physically power it down and up any time this occurs to reconnect. It’s a minor issue but let’s say I’m away for an extended period of time for a day, weekend, or a trip and can’t physically do this. I’ve lost data that whole time I guess?

Anyone else having this issue?

This is not normal. We have been messing so much with our stations during testing and a hub normally always comes back online.

Can you share some insight in your wifi setup ?? Do you have 2.4g and 5g (maybe in the meantime we have to add 6g now) with identical names ?
Do you several antenna’s (mesh or ap) ?
DO you have a guest network ?

We saw in the past that these things can hinder. Use different ssid names for each network. Affect the hub to one point and not in roaming mode might help.

Hopefully these ideas help already. Else we’ll have to try to dig some more.

I have 2.4g and 5g of different names but only use 2.4g. No guest.

No add on antennas or mesh.

The hub has always easily connected and stays connected to wifi unless something happens on the modem end and then it does not reacquire signal without a complete power down. How does one “affect the hub to one point and not in roaming mode”? That sounds like a possible solution.

Although after saying all that /, I just tried to replicate the issue by powering down the modem and it now seems to be connecting on it’s own after I power the modem back on. I’ll have to keep monitioring it if it reoccurs on it’s own.

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