Tempest Hub Dead After A Week

I received my tempest and got it set up on my back deck earlier this week. Everything appeared to be working great for the first couple of days and then yesterday in the morning I was receiving notifications that it was raining as expected, but around the lunch time I got a message saying that my tempest had disconnected. I tried to reset the sensor itself (power off and then back on), and I got a brief flashing green light, then solid purple, and then it went off.

I came on here and started browsing and saw several other users with the same problem. So I followed the steps to reset my hub which had a steady green light on it, and when I did that, the green light went off and no light came back on. I have since tried unplugging and replugging the hub, tried a different micro USB cable, and tried a different USB power supply of the same rating, and have had no luck getting the unit to display any signs of power.

Has anyone else had this issue? How do I go about getting a replacement hub under warranty? I am a bit concerned about the investment in this system if the problems of disconnecting seem to be relatively common and the hub is unable to handle a reset. The hub is roughly 15 feet from the sensor with a standard window being the only object in line of sight.

I have submitted a trouble ticket but have not received a response yet. Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated.

Hello clemsonmatt1982

Sorry your start isn’t ‘perfect’ :thinking:

Weird indeed that the hub doesn’t give anything when plugging it to the power.

Let’s try the radio reset procedure, this resets basically the hub to default.

In case nothing works, rest assured Weatherflow will send you a new one. Support is just swamped these days with all those new Tempest coming online.

But already try above mentioned procedure and let me know.

Hi Eric,

That is the procedure I previously followed, but I just tried it again. Still no indication of power.

Support is going to take it from here as I can’t do much more. You should get some news soon (I hope) as they are swamped with many setup questions …

Hope to see you quickly online with a working setup.

For whatever it’s worth, my hub took an inordinately long time to “light up” when I first plugged it in. So much so that I thought it was dead (or the outlet was dead), so I unplugged it. Second time I just waited, and it eventually got going. So maybe don’t assume a hub is “dead” until you’ve given it a few minutes to wake up.


Welcome to the community bweiss.

Thanks it’s a good hint beside it’s a wired behavior.

@clemsonmatt1982 : Can you try to check the power supply and keep the hub powered for a while.

Hi there,

So I tried the reset yesterday and still nothing. Another support member replied to the ticket I submitted and made it seem like a new hub would be sent, which is great. So, I left the hub where it was and as it was without touching it at all since (in order to give it a few mins to power on). Looked at the hub this morning when I fed the dog around 0630 and still no signs of life, so didn’t touch it and ignored it. This morning, at around 0800, I got a notification that my Tempest was online and sure enough, the power light was on.

If possible, I would still like a new hub and to send this one back to you for troubleshooting to see if it will help address any possible problems. It took from whenever my last post on here was until this morning around 0800 for the hub to power on. There is no way any electronic device should take 17-18 hours to power on, and if the sensor loses connection again, it is not practical to go through this day long process again.

Thank you for the input and help with this.