Tempest green light never flashes, no connect

My new Tempest cannot be found by the hub. The green light on the Tempest never flashes green to pair. If I hold down the button on the Tempest, it never switches to flashing, but only stays solid green and does not connect. I have a ticket placed, but have not heard anything. Any help would be appreciated!

That is a bummer. I assume you have power cycled it and get the same results? While you wait to hear back from support I would turn it on and place it where it can get good sunlight. Maybe the battery is low. It won’t charge, however, with the unit off.

Thanks David, Good idea and I will try that. Kind of disappointing to have it not work right out of the box, but I appreciate your advice.

Have you tried a long press on the Tempest led ? (more than 10 seconds) ?

If that didn’t do the trick, you’ll have to wait for Customer Support to come back to you for more in depth help as I can’t think of another trick

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Yes, I tried that Eric. I tried up to a full minute just to be sure. I appreciate your help. I’m not sure how long it takes their tech support to respond. It’s charging outside, but now I’m wondering if I should let it fully discharge and maybe that would maybe reset it?

the reset is done by the long press on the led. No need to empty the tempest.

When you are trying to add the Tempest the led on the hub is blue ? (app linked to the hub directly) and you try add device under stations ?

The long press does not ever make the green light flash, it just stays solid green. Yes, the hub is blue and when I try to add the device under stations, the hub alternates colors as it tries to pair with the tempest but it never does as the tempest green light never flashes for pairing.

Last test, switch off the Tempest (switch to off) wait 1 minute, set it back on and push the led more than 10 seconds. If it still doesn’t blink and become visible to add … wait for customer support as we ran out of ideas. They will handle it from there and eventually send you a new unit.