Tempest forecast next days

The weatherflow team needs to work on forecast maps. I regularly compare with other maps and see that Weatherflow has very bad forecasts for the coming days. Plenty of predictions with the possibility of rain, the possibility of snow. I’m not happy about that at all.
I hope that something will be done and changed for the better on this issue.

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How long has your Tempest been in place? I ask because WF said that over time the forecast learns from your actual data and the improves the forecast.

For my location the WF forecast has been more accurate then any other weather forecast. The more stations in an area and the longer they are there add to the forecast quality.

the station has been active for 187 days. I am in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe. Probably better azure maps for you near America, Canada …

That should be ample time, I would think. How far off have the forecasts been compared to the other sources? For example, if the WF forecast is for 30% chance of rain are the other ones saying 0% for example?

Hi Armenicos,

The learning process differs quite a lot in regards with the number of Tempest there are in a region. It is not just 1 Tempest that will determine the forecast. I just looked on the map and you are a little lonely in your country (think I saw 2 stations). It is clear that the forecast is better when there are many Tempest sending data back into the model.

But nevertheless Weatherflow can try to do better. But this is something you would need to ask via the support (like you did in the past). Looking into another source I have access to, I found 15 stations and 6 offline for the whole of your country. Even using that data won’t help much :woozy_face: since closest to you is over 30 km away.
But yep try, as I often say: the no you have, the yes you risk.

Regarding the percentage, this is explained on the help page


The probability of seeing precipitation at any hour during the day will always be greater than the probability of seeing precipitation within one hour of that day. It’s a little like the fact that the probability of an individual coin toss is 50% heads, yet the probability of getting at least one heads in 5 throws is almost 97%. The actual values presented are derived from the complex interplay of math, physics, meteorology and magic that happens in the WeatherFlow data science center.


I only use my Tempest for current (happening now) and historical weather. I find the forecast section of the Tempest app to be difficult to look at. Too much information packed into a small area. I prefer the look and feel of the Google weather app.

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May I suggest that you move your weather station to somewhere with a better climate.

It is what i plan for mine after 147mm rain already in February and it is supposed to be Summer. :wink: :wink: :wink:

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