Tempest for camping (no internet service)

I have a Tempest at my house and it’s reporting its data back so that I can be seen on tempestwx.com. My family goes camping and was thinking of possibly getting another Tempest to set up while camping. There’s usually no wi-fi or cell service where we camp but I think it’s possible to just have the app on a phone connect directly to the hub and that would work to be able to see what the weather is like outside. Is it possible to use the Tempest in this way (just getting the data directly from the hub)?

if the hub is within bluetooth range, your phone will connect to it without using wifi. It should be ok. You could test by turning off the wifi for some time.
It might complain about not having wifi, but in the app you should see the values just fine.

Yes, I have been doing this since the first generation SKY and AIR were released. I just use the Bluetooth connection on my phone to read the data.

Make sure that if you do camp were the hub has internet access that you update the location and elevation info so the autocalibration routines work properly.

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Thanks for the help. It looks like it will be no problem to work this way. Now I just have to figure out how to make a portable, compact mounting solution for it.

I have a flag pole mount on each side of my Toy Hauler and use a 20 foot telescoping flag pole. I removed the top two sections of the pole the Tempest mounts on since they were too small for the pole mount. The Tempest (and SKY) can sway without thinking it is raining. I can mount the Tempest any where from 1 to 5 sections high. You do, however, have to make sure the base doesn’t flop in the pole holder otherwise the little tap the pole gets as it wiggles around will send a vibration up the pole and that can be recorded as rain. In the picture below the pole is tight against the trailer edge and the downspout. When I use the holder on the other side I have to wedge something in the holder or against the trailer and pole since I didn’t get things mounted exactly the same way.