Tempest Charging Questions

My tempest has not charged since I got it about 2 weeks ago. The voltage is 2.34 and it says the state is LOW.

What should I do?

Indeed, looks not normal at all. I see you have very sunny days.

I think this smells a bad connection somewhere from the solar panels or a non working regulator.

Not much you can do I think. Open a ticket with support (see link in top menu)
Mention your station ID 18792.
They will help you out. Might take a bit for them to come back to you. They are still under load with all the Tempest coming online

Sorry but rest assured, it will be solved. :wink:

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Thank you @Eric. A ticket has been submitted.

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Any updates on this? Mine is also not charging sufficiently. For the past two days, mine goes offline early in the morning, and the battery sits at 2.33.

I put in a trouble ticket as @Eric advised and Weatherflow sent a new Tempest. Now I have a nice daily charge cycle.


OK, thanks. I think mine will need to be replaced, too. I’m not seeing much charging each day - it never gets over 2.4 anymore. I put in a ticket, but haven’t heard from them yet.

Welcome to the Weatherflow community dernst,

Sorry to read your Tempest is one those having a charging issue. Support will come back to you early week as they are having a week end break and still catching up (seems to be better)

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I’ve had my Tempest since June 17th. I’m not impressed so far with the battery charging. It takes forever for it to charge in direct sunlight. I’m expecting the battery to die from the reduced number of sunlight hours in winter.

I just looked at your Tempest and it isn’t working as supposed. Can you open a ticket with support please. They will take over and help you out.

Eric - Thanks! I opened a ticket yesterday - Sunday, 21-June. I’m waiting for them to respond.

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Weatherflow is sending me a replacement to replace the defective unit. I am impressed by their customer service! The defective unit is exhibiting strange behavior. For example, the voltage will increase to 2.42 and fall back to 2.41 and then start the process all over. Today, it did this bouncing back and forth for 2 hours.

Hmmm…they haven’t replied to my ticket yet. And I submitted mine on the 20th.

I submitted my first ticket on the 19th and then submitted tickets on the 21st and 22nd. Hopefully, they will work your ticket soon.

@eric. @gizmoev My Tempest (the defective one) showed the strangest voltage behavior early this morning. It jumped from 2.37 to 2.5 back to 2.36 within a 3 min timespan with no sunlight and not near any light sources.

That is strange. I know on the AIR and SKY the voltage reading is a really low priority process and happens every 10 minutes so sometimes it would show strange behaviors but I don’t know how often and what priority it runs on the Tempest.

How are you guys even getting battery charts? My app has no place to view battery history… I can view air temp, humidity, pressure, lightning, strike count, wind speed, uv, brightness, solar radiation, ran, and rain rate.

In fact the only way i can tell what my battery level is at all is by looking at the UDP data in node red.

Tap the Tempest icon in the upper right hand corner of app. Then tap whatever parameter you want to see the graph of.

As stated mine only has those options I listed above… There is literally no battery level listed ANYWHERE in my app

Go into the advanced settings for your station and make sure the battery card is not hidden.

BTW, what is your Station ID?

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So i had to go into settings then click on manage stations then my station then the advanced tab finally appeared… Bit hidden isnt it? Something to bring up with the UI guys i guess.

Thank you for that help now i can see all data in app as expected.

Station ID is 21775, though I now have a support ticket open as I noticed my lightning detector is reporting as failed randomly and i have never gotten a strike reported locally, just via the crowd sourced updates.

Again thanks for the quick replies and help!