Tempest Bucket Data Aggregation

WeatherFlow Support’s answer to this question via my support ticket:




Thank you.
Just scanning through to see if anything is different to how I applied my logic there is a field missing from what I wanted to display in my graphs. I will explain…
As a paraglider pilot the wind is what is important. I want to know more information about the variability in strength and direction. For example the wind direction of the gust is likely to be different to the lulls.
My approach is to fill my data from the API with a 24hour period of one minute resolution. Then loop through to create my buckets depending on my desired graph resolution and calculating a field for the maximum gust direction. Then when I am displaying the average and the gust arrows they can point different directions.
I also calculate other fields, which then allows me to generate graphs with any bucket size.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile: