Tempest Battery Voltage Range

What is the nominal voltage of the battery in the tempest ? At what voltage dose it drop into power save mode ? Thanks.

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Hello chris4

there is not just one voltage, there are several levels. Here is the complete list

Power Modes

Mode 0

Voltage >= 2.455

Full power all sensors enabled

Mode 1

Voltage <= 2.415 or >= 2.41 from Mode 2

Rapid sample interval set to six seconds

Mode 2

Voltage <= 2.39 or >= 2.375 from Mode 3

Rapid sample interval set to one minute

Mode 3

Voltage <= 2.355

Rapid sample interval set to five minutes

Sensor sample interval set to five minutes

Lightning sensor disabled

Haptic sensor disabled


@eric is there a voltage which triggers the solar panels to activate? I ask because my tempest has been setup outside for 3 days now. When it was first installed the voltage was at 2.60, and its gone down steadily to its current voltage of 2.48. For 2 of the 3 days we’ve had plenty of sunshine, yet I haven’t seen the voltage increase at all. Thanks!


I have seen exactly the same thing on my new unit. It varied from 2.57 at first turn on down to the current 2.49 with the status always reflected as “good”. Just curious as to what I should expect.

Same here, it started at 2.58 and is now down to 2.48 after 4 days. It always drops, never rises. Not what I expected from a solar charger. Would love to know what is expected.

This is normal behavior. Apparently, it will charge when it drops below a certain voltage threshold.


My battery hit 2.45v today for several hours and now appears to be charging, back up to 2.5v and climbing.

Same here. Tempest hit 2.45V and it spent today charging back up to 2.55V.

My Tempest has been below 2.45 for a couple of days and has not started charging yet.

That’s strange. Mine dipped below 2.45V again today and then charged back up to 2.53V.