Tempest Battery Voltage Range?

I’ve just upgraded from an early release Sky / Air Weatherflow to a Tempest. The battery voltage reading on the Tempest seems quite a bit lower than what I’m used to seeing on the Sky / Air.

What is the range of voltage expected to be seen on a Tempest?

I’m at 2.79V currently, but I’m use to seeing voltages in the 3.3v range.

Hello Dividedsky

Indeed switching to the Tempest implies a little adaption to what you’re used to :slight_smile:
Voltage levels are way lower as it uses another type of batteries (LTO). +/- 2.80V is fully charged (when it is in the sun) and it’ll drop pretty quickly to +/- 2.65 V once the sun goes away (this is normal so don’t go bonks when you see this, 2.8 is max charge voltage and it’s nominal stable max voltage without charging i around 2.65)

Also you have power saving modes but you can read it in this help section in all details

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i think 2.65V is a bit on the optimistic side. 2.6V is more realistic. In the link in your reply “around 2.55” is mentioned as an operating range.

Agreed. My Tempest lives at the 2.6V mark…occasionally rising to 2.63V. On multi overcast/rainy days, it drops to a low of 2.53V.

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Interestingly, I had a Tempest early on that had a hard time getting above 2.4-2.5V and it was replaced for a new one. That one typically tops out at 2.8V during the day and 2.65V at night.

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 10.50.28 AM

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Just running across this as I was checking and it looked “flat”. I’m in FL (pretty sunny state) and Mine never goes above 2.53-2.56. Is that OK?

Also mine doesn’t appear to vary that much. This is May 17th through today: