Tempest Battery Not Charging; Need Power Booster

Yes, it will reconnect as long as you didn’t delete it from the app or reset your whole station.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? And I do not know why it is difficult to understand why I want the weather conditions at my location. As you know if I had an unobstructed siting location my Tempest would be there.

This long gray stretch of weather has taken its toll. Yesterday I was down to 2.38 volts. So I had to take my Tempest to work to sit in the sun while I worked. Was able to charge from 2.38 to 2.57 volts for the day. Since today was sunny I brought it to work and charged from 2.56 to 2.65 volts. I have never gotten above 2.71 volts.

Doesn’t there seem to be a lot of variation in charging performance among the Tempest units? I know some of it is due to location but this summer even in brilliant sunlight I did not see charging performance that is better than what some are seeing this winter.

Are there power specs published for the Tempest? I did not anticipate the power requirements of the Tempest or I probably would not have put my money down. It has been hard to work with Support because to get time in the sun the Tempest has to go to work. I’ve tried taking the hub with me but the connection to the Tempest is spotty at work so I cannot provide good data. See the nice sun at work…

This time of year is a “mishmash” of weather. . . 2 or 3 sunny days followed by several / many days with overcast. Keep a light on in the window for the Power Booster sometime this coming Spring to early Summer. :crossed_fingers:

My rooftop app stopped working. It does not report the correct temperature and is stuck at one reading. My understanding is that Alaska does not get enough sun in the winter so the battery cannot recharge. I think someone is working on some kind of insulation for the unit but it is frustrating not to get any more readings directly from my own station.

the last part of the charging curve is pretty exponential. Look at my graph here Tempest charging with artificial light. It is also true for the discharge, in only a handful of days it drops to something around 2.60 V.
And yes, there seems to be a some variability between units. The max voltage seems to be 2.80V (but I happen to have a single measurement of 2.81, but I call that noise). My other unit I didn’t manage to charge beyond 2.76V.

After 2 days with my unit in the sun at work I was up to 2.65 volts as mentioned. Overnight that dropped to 2.62. The one time I got a charge to 2.78v with my unit at work… I shut it down, took it home, and it only reported 2.68 when I turned it back on.

That is exactly what I got, overnight it drops from 2.65 to 2.62V. So that might be normal.
I have no explanation for why your unit dropped form 2.78V to 2.68V during your trip home, unless your trip home takes 18 hours (that’s how long it took my unit to drop from 2.78 to 2.68). The initial discharge is just pretty quick, until something around 2.6V

It is what it is. storm_tracker and I are pretty foliage challenged in the summer. He seems to be faring much better than I this winter. I am not sure why that is. If the power booster appears and provides a workable solution, I am good. Otherwise I will need to move on.

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I am amazed how my Tempest is charging in the early January sun.
It came from 2.38V after a couple of cloudy and rainy days.

Nice to see the sun is getting higher and stronger. The solar radiation is getting higher.

it is pretty clear weather today, and the sun is still almost perpendicular to the solar panels.

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it is pretty clear weather today, and the sun is still almost perpendicular to the solar panels.

I have a Tempest that is out of power below 2.35V is there a table showing rate of charge vs Solar radiation. Today is the first sunny day for the past 2 weeks and at present the Solar radiation is 165 W/m2

it is a bit vague, because it depends on your location. Remember the light sensor is horizontally on top of the unit, where as the solar panels are vertical. In mid winter when the sun is very low at the horizon, 165 W/m2 should be plenty enough to charge the unit. That statement is however only true closer to the poles, not so much near the equator.
Yours in England should be charging just fine. How much it will charge today, I don’t know.
Note that the unit has to be turned on in order to charge.

It last came online 5 days ago so waiting to see if the sunshine todays kicks it into life again.

Well it came to life after 5 days but only lasted 4 hours. This is really not good performance from any solar powered device. I don’t think I would have bought it if I’d known it was going to be like this. Very disappointed.

Just hang on a little while. The power booster will take care that issue for you. Most don’t have such extended low SR situations.

Just curious how much money extra will the battery booster cost?


I don’t know, but if the price of the SPA (Solar Power Assessory) for the SKY is any indication, it won’t be much.

The MSRP (Manufactured Suggested Retail Price) of the original WFSOL-01 (Solar Power Accessory) for WFSKY-01 was $69.95. So the new Tempest Power Booster Accessory should be somewhere in that vicinity ± a few dollars.

@storm_tracker @gizmoev Why do you think the price of the SPA could be an indication for the price of the power booster. Will the power booster have solar cells at all? or is it just a extra rechargeable battery pack for the tempest?