Tempest batteries

Just got my station, and read the battery life is 50,000 cycles or so, what do you consider cycles in terms of battery life in your product?
Just curious.

A battery cycle is considered a 0%-100%-0% cycle. Two 50% cycles is considered equivalent to one full cycle. Anything less than a full cycle is called a short cycle. The LTO batteries used in the Tempest is a very robust chemistry, though the energy density is on the low end as far as Lithium chemistries are concerned.

I guess I wasn’t specific enough. I was referring to lifetime of the battery. 3 yrs, 5 yrs or longer etc.
The cycle rate was another query I had about the battery. But your definition is helpful.

Life of LTO batteries is in excess of 30 years. Using 50,000 cycles at one cycle per day means 137 years. In any case, longer life than the rest of the Tempest.