Tempest app : first experiences


This is what I was referring to

“On the card display i only see it if the data is stale”. That is an interesting observation !. Guess I will have to wait to see it.

" I haven’t, however seen anything similar on the forecast page." Scroll down to the very bottom of forecast page to see the “online”

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In the new app you can click on Settings -> Stations -> [station name] -> Status and then checkout the Last Observation time under each device. I appreciate this certainly isn’t as simple as it was in the old version.

If we are talking about app updates, There’s one thing I’d really like to see. Right now, if I go to a card for say temperature, and look at the graph, any zooming in or out affect all cards. I typically like to see the pressure graph zoomed out, to see how it’s trending wrt weekky high’s/lows. But other cards I like to see zoomed in more. Could the app remember separate zoom levels for each card?

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I am a brand new owner of Tempest. Also my 1st weather station. Has this functionality been “turned on” yet?

Thanks and very excited to get my Tempest installed and running!

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Welcome to the Weatherflow community victoringrassia,

Not yet, it should be in the next firmware. It is in test in a very small group before going to the beta testers and then to you all. No ETA I know but can’t be too long anymore. Guess some fine tuning with the results coming in from different sources.

Thank you Eric. As a brand new member of this community I appreciate the information. Here’s a rookie question follow up… are firmware updates handled automatically via the Internet/ hub /etc.? Or is that something we do manually?


Upgrades are done bu Weatherflow remotely. Most are for the hub (old and new ones)

Tempest (the device) can also be updated if linked to the newest hub but those are not frequent.

Is it very complicated to set the Tempest up for Wunderground? One of my reasons for purchasing the Tempest was to have it as a WU site as there are only a couple from my area. So far I’m the only Tempest in the Lewiston Id/Clarkston Wa area,a combined population of around 45k. Mounted it yesterday and very pleased on how well everything went and worked!
I really appreciate all the info that everyone is putting up as it really helps a newbie like myself.

How do I link my station to Weather Underground?
To send your weather station data to WU, create a WU PWS and gather your PWS ID and Station key. Then login to your account on the web app: https://tempestwx.com/ and go to settings > stations > choose your station > public data > Weather Underground and enter your WU PWS station ID and key. Wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before WU starts publishing your data. This process could take longer depending on WU issues.


Thank you very much! Worked like a charm with no problems at all. Was available in about 20 mins maybe sooner. I really appreciate your walk through which saved me a bunch of time
& hassle not having to sort through everything to find what I actually needed.

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Reading through the posts has been very helpful to me! I received my Tempest last night and plan to install it 50 feet up on a tower, that is 30 feet above my roof. I’ll wait for cooler weather to do it though!

I have a question that I haven’t seen addressed: When I read the web links to other Tempest stations in my area, some have more or different parameters displayed than their neighbors. I’ve figured out how to adjust the ORDER of parameters, but not to specify WHICH parameters are displayed. Can anyone point me to some directions on how to do this?

de KØUNX, Jim, in Jefferson County, Colorado unixman@mac.com Tempest Station 23488 .

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I don’t think you can. except for the forecast and the battery level.

Hello. Just out of curiosity. What day did u order your Tempest and what was your order number

Hi, Jim.

We’re neighbors. I’m just a little sw of Kipling and Bowles. I remember when I was the only station in the area. It’s good to see so many stations now.

You can only view what the station owner has set up for his station and in the metrics the owner selected. Let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks, CaredLands! I ordered mine on 8 June, on order number 8666. Ummm… that’s kind of Devilish, eh?

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You’re one of the stations (S.Miller Ct.) that I’ve been watching for a couple of months now. Great to meet you, Gary! I’m Jim Flannery at 8098 S. Carr Ct. I should have my Tempest up on my Ham Radio Tower at the 45 foot level in a few days if you’re passing by. I’m just waiting for COOLER weather and light winds.


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I’m happily here with my stations. Currently two Air/Sky and two Tempest. I need a good pole to mount number 5.