Tempest app Date confusion

Hello, hope someone can explain to me
When i look in my Tempest app, in forecast, the date is 1 day ahead pe sunday is the 28th of decembre, though i think this should be the 27th
In the uploaded picture u can c the print
I do use an Iphone, so IOS
My Tempest is in the Netherlands, but for the moment i am living in Curacao, so guess the timezone difference is probably the reason
Thanks in advance, Alwin

I see the same but only when its around 1hr left for the day, like around 11pm it shows the next day. Seems to me there is some bugs with the Time Zone?

Think the glitch is in the IOS app.
When i check on the Weatherflow website, date is ok
The IOS app seems to “think” that today is yesterday or so, though it is sunday here. Print is from 10:23 this morning
The timezone in my iphone says WIllemstad, the timedifference between the Netherlands and Curacao is 5 hours

That does look like a bug, so I moved it to the Bug Reports section.