Tempest and TempestWX not showing main page?

Anyone else experiencing this? No data shows up on the main page with the forecast. Widgets, history, and current station data all work fine, but no forecast page. Just started this morning from why I can tell.

send a picture of what you do see, than we can try to help you.

That’s an interesting one… https://tempestwx.com/station/27674/

All the other stations are showing this information still.

Yep, history and live data seems to be working fine.

For sure, that’s an interesting one… which means I’ve no idea what is going on. Must be something that support needs to fix for you.

this is something for @corrineb. Something did go wrong …

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It looks like the cards are missing.

@morganbussey79 Thanks for the report. We are working on a fix now. I’ll let you know when we push it live.


It looks like it’s been fixed for you now.

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