Tempest ability to handle power outages

fyi - we had a power outage here this afternoon for a couple hours, and it looks like my field test Tempest Hub held about 70 minutes or so of data and ‘did’ recover what it could when the power and Internet came back.

urelated - we have power outages so rarely here that I don’t bother to do a UPS for this stuff. Accordingly, thus ends my 1320 days uptime running ancient debian on a hacked Seagate Dockstar (128MB PogoPlug) as my weewx box. At some point I just wanted to see how long the little fella would run continually :slight_smile:


I had a power outage for 2 hours. No data was saved or uploaded during that time

Did the Hub have power during that period?

Hub didn’t have power either.

That’s curious. The Tempest should have sent its data to the Hub and then the Hub to WeatherFlow.


Did you use the Tempest data to determine the two hours or something else? As @GaryFunk said, the Tempest should have back filled some data when the hub came back on line.

I lost power last night during the storm for about 7.5 hours. When I got things back up and running, I saw that the Tempest did NOT back fill any data. I used the information I had from the power company for when power went out and how long the outage lasted, not the data from Tempest. There was no back fill of data.

On top of that, my hub doesn’t seem to remember the WiFi credentials for my network after power is restored. I had to re-enter my credentials. That has happened twice now. I’ve opened a ticket with support for that issue.

I didn’t use the Tempest data to determine the 2 hours. I also have my Tempest posting data to the Weather Underground website and it shows the same 2 hour gap.

Did any data backfill later? I just got back from being out of any internet/cell service for a week and it took a while for my mobile station to backfill the data.

I forgot to go back and check. That history is lost when WF Support asked me to do a factory reset on the Tempest sensor because of the random and daily rebooting issue.

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